Nutrition for Special Groups 3(3+0)

Lesson 6 : Nutrition for Women


During adulthood, a woman's body no longer needs to devote its energy and resources to support the rapid growth and development that characterizes infancy, childhood and adolescence. Nevertheless, good nutrition is still vitally important to promote long term health and vitality, prevent the development of chronic degenerative disease, and, for those women who wish to have children, to provide the nutritional resources that will ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Women in the reproductive age group form a large chunk of the population. It is found that they have many special requirements based on their physiological condition as well as the role they play in the family. Generally adult women become more independent and settle in a career or get married and raise a family. Their nutritional requirement during this period is specific and does affect their health and nutritional status in the future.

The rapid growth during adolescence slows down to a more smooth development in adulthood. The general idea is that growth is completed, but this is specific to stature only. Growth in other aspects continues. An adequate intake of all nutrients during early adulthood therefore becomes essential and helps the body to realize its full potential.

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