Nutrition for Special Groups 3(3+0)


Physiological changes in blood :

  • Haemoglobin mass increases
  • RBC volume increases
  • Plasma volume increases by 50%
  • Haemoglobin concentration drops from 13.4 to 11.6 g/ 100 ml which is considered to be normal level during pregnancy
  • Severe anaemia increases morbidity and mortality

If Hb falls below 8g/ dl

  • Very low birth weight due to increase in prematurity rate
  • Intra uterine growth retardation

Predominant cereal diet in tropics provides 40 mg iron per day
Severely anaemic pregnant women requires therapeutic doses of 120 to 200mg Fe. Therefore administer 60 mg of elemental iron and 500 µg of folic acid/ day orally in the last trimester of pregnancy and oral therapy may be continued for 3-6 months after the anaemia is corrected in order to replenish depleted stores. Anaemia due to Vitamin B12 deficiency is rare in pregnancy. A single injection of 40 mcg of Vitamin B12 is administered to mothers with Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Consumption of fresh fruits; vegetables; non-vegetarian foods should be increased during pregnancy.

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