Working With a Video Camera

Instructional Video Production 4(1+3)

Lesson 07: Camera care

Working With a Video Camera

check lists that would help for management of video projects.

  1. Learn immediately upon being introduced to the camera
    • Inserting a battery and removing it
    • Mounting the camera on the tripod
    • Inserting a cassette and removing it
    • Operating the exposure and focus rings manually and trying them out in the auto mode too
    • Checking the spirit level
    • Performing the white (and black) balance correctly
    • Panning and tilting
    • Zooming in and out smoothly
    • Fixing the microphone and record sounds with appropriate sound levels
    • Pressing the record and pause button

  2. Check the following before the shoot
    • You have the right camera and supports
    • The batteries are fully charged
    • The cassette recording tab is on
    • The microphone and the cables are in working condition
    • The camera and all its parts function smoothly
    • You carry a white sheet for white balance
    • You have a checklist of all the equipment taken along for the shoot

  3. Check for following during the shoot
    • A minimum recording of 20 seconds of colour bars (can be done from the menu) and at least 10 seconds of black on the cassette. You can record black signal by putting on the lens cap and pressing the record button. This will help immensely during editing
    • White (and black) balance before shoot and regular balances when­ever the lighting conditions change
    • The use of tripod for steady images, not handheld shots
    • The spirit level on the tripod every time the camera position is changed
    • Recording a lead of at least 3 seconds before and after a pan or tilt (this will help in editing)
    • Recording of at least 5 seconds more than actually required (this too will help in editing)
    • Recording ambience sound (can be eliminated during editing)

  4. Check for the following after the shoot
    • The items in the equipment checklist are back
    • All the equipment are in working condition
    • The camera, batteries, cables, tripod, and lights are put back in their respective cases

We must always bear in mind that video equipment is costly. We must take as good care of the equipment as we would of ourselves.

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