Housing And Space Management 3(2+1)

Lesson 09 : Principles Of Planning – I


An important factor in building space organization is privacy. Sometimes people are troubled by the feeling that the privacy of their homes or gardens has been harmed, as new buildings nearby allow strangers to see in.

Privacy issues are of two kinds –
Privacy of the entire house from the road – side - External Privacy

Privacy from the outside is screening the building from the views of passers-by and neighbours. It can be gained by planting trees and growing creepers, strategically positioning windows and doors, or having a compound wall.
Privacy of each room from other rooms and from the entrance - Internal Privacy

Privacy within the house can be obtained by proper arrangement of doors and windows. Privacy to bedrooms, toilets, water closets and dressing room is of utmost importance. Privacy is of supreme importance in the following rooms

Bed rooms and all rooms in which sanitary arrangements are usually made – Ex., W.C, wash, bath etc.
Kitchen should be kept away from the view of passers – by.
Every room should have an independent access.

Services such as bath, we should have an independent access from every room without interfering the privacy of others. In compact planning it is necessary to pay greater thought to this principle.
Privacy is different from seclusion – reading, workshop, library, work area etc.
Home office – is private but it should not be located in secluded corner but in prominent plan. Its access should also be preferably planned separately without any interference to and from the dwelling spaces; if many outsiders are expected in.
Prayer area – away from the disturbance of others.

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