Meat & Fish Hygiene

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Lesson 20 : Food Hygiene

Meat & Fish Hygiene

  • It is important to note that the animal being slaughtered for consumption is healthy and clean.
  • Both ante-mortem and post-mortem examination of the animal has to be done before accepting it at slaughter house.
  • Examination should be done by qualified veterinarian
  • Causes for rejection of animal
    • Ante mortem – emaciation, exhaustion, pregnancy, sheep pox, feet rot, brucellosis, diarrhea etc.
    • Post mortem – liver fluke, abscesses, tuberculosis, tape worm infections, parasitic and nodular infections of liver and lungs

How to identify good quality meat?

  • Meat should be neither pale-pink nor purple hued.
  • It should be firm and elastic to touch
  • Meat should not be slimy.
  • Odor of the meat should be agreeable.

How to identify good quality fish?

  • Before consumption fish should be stiff, with bright red gills.
  • It’s eyes should be clear and prominent.
  • If fish is tinned, then the tin must be new and clean with no leakages nor rusting.
  • There should not be tampering of the tin before consumption.
  • If on opening the tin, the contents blow off, it indicates decomposition and such fish should be not consumed.

Hygiene of slaughter house

  • Slaughter houses are the places where animals (whose flesh in intended for human consumptions) are killed.
  • Model Public Health Act (1955) set guidelines as following:
  • Location: away from residential areas
  • The floor and walls (not less than 3 feet) should be impervious and easy to clean.
  • Water supply should be continuous, adequate, and independent.
  • Meat collected should be stored in fly/ vermin proof rooms.
  • Meat should be transported in fly proof van
  • Animals other than those which are to be slaughtered should not be allowed in the shed.

Diseases transmitted from unhygienic meat/ fish?

  • Tape worm infestations
    • Tape worm
    • Trichinella spiralis
    • Fish tape worm
  • Bacterial infections
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