Stream and river ecosystems (lotic)

Lesson 13: Types of ecosystems

Stream and river ecosystems (lotic)

In these ecosystems, all the living forms are specially adapted to different rates of flow. Snails and other burrowing animals, can withstand the rapid flow of the hill-streams. Water beetles and skaters, can live only in slower moving water. Some species of fish go upstream from rivers to hill-streams for breeding. The various components of a riverine and stream ecosystems can be arranged as follows:

Producers: The chief producers are green algae.
The consumers show certain features as permanent attachment to firm substrate, presence of hooks and suckers, sticky undersurfaces, streamlined bodies, and flattened bodies. A variety of animals are found, which are freshwater sponges and caddis-fly larvae, snails and flatworms, fish and stonefly.


Decomposers: Various bacteria and fungi like actinomycetes are present which acts as decomposers.

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