Exterior lighting

Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)


Exterior lighting

Exterior lighting is typically lighted with minimum- illumination at the entrance of the house so that it can be recognized. It is better when both visitor and host can see each other in a good light at the entrance.

Terraces, patios, and gardens can be enjoyed at night if they are lighted. This has become especially important with window walls and with landscape design that is integrated with the house seen from inside, lighted outdoor areas greatly increase the apparent size of the interior, lighten the windows, and bring a little illumination into the house. More elaborate installations have spotlights and floodlights that are concealed in the landscape


Lighting Requirements for different areas

The assessment of lighting requirement in general can be made using the simple formula, as follows. Number of lumens required for good lighting=Area of a room in sq. ft X Lumens required per sq. foot

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