The handicrafts of India as accessories

Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)


The handicrafts of India as accessories

The handicrafts of India are famous all over the world and serve as beautiful, colorful artifacts, as well as accessories. The various handicrafts - whether metal ware, stoneware, wooden, pottery, mats are generally made to serve the need in daily lives which are also artistic with self-expression.

Craftsmen use a variety of techniques and styles. Engraved traditional brassware with or without a covering of enamel are- traditional wine and water jugs, flower vases, fruit bowls, table tops, gongs, bells, candle stands, ashtrays, and other decorative items. Wall plaques, cigarette boxes, ash-trays, and paper cuttings are often ornamented on beautiful and striking over brown, copper or jet black oxidized background. The handicrafts used in interiors are listed below, though not an exhaustive one.

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Metal sculptures, may be made in brass, bell metal or oxidized to give a black finish. Both solid and hollow images are cast resembling motifs from nature, sculptures of animals, humans, gods and Godesses are crafted by the local craftsman.


Wood and stone carving is an important traditional industry in India. Images and panels, architectural elements like doors, carved pillars and various decorative pieces are made. The inlay may be of bone, ivory, metals or lacquered. Rosewood and sandalwood are used in South India for the manufacture of decorative items as well as furniture. Workmanship on bamboo is another artwork of the people of Kerala, and Assam.


Pottery- blue and turquoise glazed, terra cotta work has long been popular.

Basketry is primarily a folk craft. Bamboo, cane, grasses and reeds as well as the leaf of the coconut and date palms are used. Mats, baskets, boxes, trays, toys, dolls, costume jewellery and wall hangings are produced, which blends with any style of arrangement.

The art of fine weaving, varied process of painting and dyeing, hand and loom embroidery, Tie and dye techniques are practiced in many states which present an endless variety to choose from Indian Textiles.


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