Plants and flower arrangements as accessories

Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)


Plants and flower arrangements as accessories:

Plants can give a fresh look to any interior. Contemporary architecture and love for environment, greenery are gaining popularity and indoor plants as accessories in interiors have emerged. The informal modem houses benefit a great deal from the color, softness and the graceful shapes of the plants. Bonsai as an art serves as accessories. A single bonsai plant or grouping of these plants provide the focal point in a room.

Plants and flower arrangements are the most luxurious, varied, readily available forms of accessories, which gives vitality and freshness. Plants must be evaluated on three criteria for inclusion in an interior like: (1)the selected ones needs to be indoor plants only (2) The form of the plant needs to complement the location and introduce pattern. (3) The plant actually should extend the designers concept.

Arranging plant material of large scale needs to be complemented with the architectural concept. As visual components, large plants require large amounts of space to display their forms. They should not be crowded into tight spaces or corners. Smaller plants may be grouped together to make an arrangement similarly many varieties with conflicting shapes do not harmonize.

In some interiors or special occasions, large scale arrangements of flowers are needed to meet an estab­lished scale. In other spaces, quite small arrangements or a single flower or leaf may be a solution, like a single flower arrangement on a dining table of 2-4 persons


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