Pictures, Decorative textiles and others

Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)


Pictures, Decorative textiles and others

Pictures and decorative textile materials are used as objects of decoration on the walls, tables, mantle pieces and so on. These should have pleasant subject for the purpose of decoration like the Paintings of flowers, landscapes, portraits, figure paintings and animal pictures which are appealing. Pictures drawn with water colors, oil paintings by great artist may be expensive but their reproductions, print in black and white or color may be possible to use. Suitable pictures for living rooms are landscapes, marines, flower pictures, figure compositions and portrait pictures. Bed rooms may have personal or family photographs. Children's room should have pictures appealing to children which would also help them to develop aesthetic sense as well as stimulating effects in learning.

Figured textile hangings, batik patterns; embroidered phulkari, tie and dye are more interesting over a plain background, if displayed effectively. Silks, cotton textiles and cambric, chanderi and kota materials in naturalistic, stylized geometric and historic designs presented beautifully with good frames form an endless accessory.

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