Choice of a neckline

Lesson 10 : Neckline Finishes

Choice of a neckline

The neckline frames the shoulders, neck and face, and change their apparent width, height and angularity. The neckline shape to be chosen should balance the wearer's natural features. Hence, a round face is well-framed by an angular (linear) neckline and collar, whereas an angular face is softened with curves. Similarly, a short neck and face can be lengthened by necklines with strong vertical (or nearly vertical) lines, like a plunging V neckline; conversely, high necklines such as the jewel or turtleneck types balance long faces. Broad shoulders can be narrowed with necklines that converge inwards (e.g., the halter neckline), whereas pear-shaped figures can be balanced by diverging or horizontal lines, e.g., an off-the-shoulder or boat neckline. The seemingly endless choices allow women to find a style that works best for their personality and body type.

Whatever may be the shape of the neckline of a garment, it can either be finished by

In both facing and binding an extra strip of material cut on bias is sued to finish the raw edge.


The first step to either bind or face a raw edge is by preparing a bias strip.

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