Fitted or Shaped facings

Lesson 10 : Neckline Finishes

Fitted or Shaped facings

Fitted facings are used to finish the edges of necklines, armholes, openings, waistbands and hems. The facings can be cut from

  1. The same fabric as that of the garment being made.
  2. A lining fabric to reduce the bulk.
  3. A contrast fabric that can be used decoratively, on the right side of the fabric, which then becomes the decorative facing.
  4. Can be cut either straight or on bias.

Fitted facings are strengthened by using an iron on fusible, which helps in giving a neater finish to the neckline.

A shaped or fitted facing should be cut to fit the edge that is to be faced and should be cut on the same grain as the section that is being faced. This means that the lengthwise thread of the outer section must be matched perfectly with a lengthwise thread of the facing. If cut off grain, both the facing and the garment will shrink differently and the garment will show snags.

Fitted facings for hems, revers, neck lines, etc., should be carefully cut from the same pattern as the outer section, carefully watching for the lengthwise grain. Complicated neckline shapes can be finished only with fitted facing/ decorative facing.

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