Concept Of Standards & Definitions

Lesson 14 : Standards And Their Classification

Concept Of Standards & Definitions

It is defined as scale or parameter used for comparison. It can also be defined as those satisfactions which as the individual or group considers essential and will work to attain.

Gross et al (1973) defined standards as a “measure of quality and/ or quantity which reflects reconciliation of resources with demands.”

Standards are more specific than values or goals, but are emerged through the value system. Standards are related to specific materials- objects like standards of food dress, areas of behavior, etc. standards are more influenced by external factors. Standards are the mental pictures of what is considered essential and necessary to make their life satisfying.

Standards are ‘mental picture of what is considered essential and necessary to make life satisfying’. If achieved, one is happy and satisfied and if not achieved, one feels uncomfortable. That means, once they are accepted, standards remain as part of one’s pattern of living and habit. When this mental picture is strong, it will force oneself into action till you achieve it. Standards are not dictated by external authority. It is the inner conviction of an individual that things must be done in a particular way which is acceptable to the individual and the group, which will dictate the procedure. Just like values, standards dictate what is right and proper.

Standards act as limits on individual and family behavior. Standards are the self imposed or socially inflicted demands for each individual. In a family, standards act as demands by the group or by a part of it or from outside by some segment of the social group. They are dynamic because they stimulate an individual or group to action.
Cooper says:” We set a standard for each kind of activity determined, intrinsically, by what we think will provide maximum satisfaction for it, and extrinsically, by what we believe will make the maximum contribution to the realization of our life plans.

Examples of standards:
If the value of beauty leads to fresh flower at home. Standards decide how, when, and what kind of flowers depending upon the resources and creativity of an individual. Some Examples of values, goals and standards are listed at the end of chapter.

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