Importance And Defnition Of Communication

Lesson 19 : Communication

Importance And Definition Of Communication

Home is a place where the child begins to learn the process of communication, first with mother and slowly with the family members. Home is the ever available laboratory for development of meaningful and intelligent communication.

Communication is essentially a social affair. The word communicate means share. Communicating is a dynamic force which influences the family’s style of management. Since recognition of the family as the managerial unit, however, the contributions of all family members to the household are seen to be topics requiring further study, and by inference the communication patterns which must accompany these contributions also deserve attention. The sharing of communication is assumed to be a dynamic force which influences a family's style of management.

It has been suggested that the home can be an ever available laboratory for the development of meaningful, intelligent communication. It is doubt­ful; however, if improved levels of communication are consciously sought by many families.

Bienvenu defined communication as ‘the process of transmitting feelings, attitudes, facts, beliefs and ideas between living beings’…….. Interpersonal communication may include all the means by which individual influence and understand each other.

Buchanan emphasized two way communications in his definition. He defined communication as ‘it is a two way reciprocal process of relating oneself to others. Any action or actions by which meanings are shaped, implicitly or explicitly.

Communication is the flow of interaction among individual within the society.

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