Concept And Definition Of Goals

Lesson 13 : Goals

Concept And Definition Of Goals

Goals are the ends towards which families work. Goals form the connectivity between the psychological subsystem and the managerial subsystem in the family resource management. They belong to psychological subsystem because they emerge directly from the values and they belong to managerial subsystem because they are achieved through the process of management.

Goals can be defined as an objective, or condition or some thing desired to attain or achieve at any given point of time.

Varghese et al, 1985 defined goal as an objective or purpose to be attained and towards the achievement of which the policies and procedures of a programme are fashioned.

Goal setting is a continuous process throughout the life of each individual and the family. Each family will be constantly weighing values and changing attitudes about goal attainment and acquisition. The achievement of goals leads to the realization of values one holds. The families or individuals will be directed towards seeking new and alternative methods of reaching the established goals.

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