Evidence Of Goals

Lesson 13 : Goals

Evidence Of Goals

Every goal in our life originates from the values we hold, self concept and the inputs we get from the sphere of interactions. As we attain the goals, may be short term, they are replaced by medium term or long range goals. Thus each goal attainment is replaced by other emerging goals.

  1. There are many other evidences of goals in our life. Although we may not have been aware of them prior to this time, our actions and verbalization often indicated our goals. When you indicated your college major, in a sense you were verbalizing your goals for the future. Talking about your future plans is still another evidence of your goals.

  2. Goals are also evident in your daily routine and the decisions you make. Why are you enrolled in certain college courses? Why do you study for tests, read textbooks, or go to classes? Why are you in college rather than working full time? The answer to each of these questions lie in the goals you have set for yourself.

  3. Your behavior, the decisions you make, and the actions you take are evidences of your values. They are also evidences of your goals.

  4. Goals represent the life plan we have developed. As we attain these goals, they reflect and enhance our self-image. A person who is achieving their desired goals conveys this to those around him or her. These indiĀ­viduals exude a sense of self-worth.

  5. Goals and values are interrelated. Values are the primary source of goals. At the same time, goal setting helps us to refine and more clearly identify our values.
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