Decision Tree

Lesson 25 : Decisions Linkages

Decision Tree

The decision tree consists of alternative chains and their is often used to understand the various alternatives and the possible outcome if each of the alternatives is used.

Example: When the child finishes 10thstandard which division he/she has to choose from science, Arts or Commerce Based on that after 12th the choice of Subjects or Vocations has to be made as shown in the folowing figure.

The decision tree can be a useful management tool. By charting the original decision you made, the alternatives that were available, and the choices you made among the available alternatives, you can identify your decision ­making patterns. You can also use this as a method to review your previous decisions to determine the point at which a trend or decision pathway you have taken can no longer be reversed.

If you were to chart the major decisions you have made in the last three years you would discover you have developed a pattern. This pattern has enabled you to attain some of your goals while directing your progress toward the attain­ment of others.

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