Lesson 28 : The Management Process In Family Living-Implementing And Controlling

Implementing is putting the plan in to action. It is the accomplishment of goal through control of action, the evaluation of progress towards a goal and the adjustment of plans to meet the changing resources and needs. Implementing involves careful observation of the work performance. It is concerned with the cost in terms of resources like time, money, efforts and the satisfactions derived after the work or activity. Satisfaction can be so important in family living that a plan may be completely changed if one or more family members have negative feelings or are likely to be harmed in some way by the activities. Also, during implementing a goal may prove to be unwanted even though it had once seemed desirable because prediction is not always accurate. Thus implementing call for flexibility in thinking rather than a rigid pattern of action. Self discipline and supervision are very essential while implementing a plan.

Direction and guidance are the two aspects of supervision that parallel task and ‘person centered’ organization. Here it is very essential to have clear and instructions from effective implementation of the plan. Whenever safety is important in implementation of a plan accuracy of instruction is essential.

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