Considering Centre Of Gravity Of the Body

Lesson 40 : Body Mechanics
Principles Of Body Mechanics

Considering Centre of Gravity of the Body:

Considering the centre of gravity is of importance in lifting, supporting, or carrying a load and also in reaching to get an object. It is always desirable to keep the load close to the body so that centre of gravity is taken care of.

Note in the above figure, how much closer the baby is to the women's body is good as pared to the poor method of lifting. The custom of carrying the baby on the mother's back, as the Japanese do, is an example of keeping the load close to the body, thereby walking along the centre of gravity.

Secondly, as far as possible, keeping the centre of the weight of the object through the centre of the body, and avoiding twisting the body helps in better energy management. Applying force to the centre of gravity of a load to be moved is the economical use of energy.

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