Class 5: Change In Raw Material

Lesson 48 : Mundal's Classes Of Change

Class 5: Change In Raw Material

This change refers to the raw ingredients used in a product keeping the final product the same. For example using ready to use mixes available on market-for gulab jamuns, idli, sambar, or even buying readymade products such as spices, sprouted beans and pulses, or frozen foods and so on.

These changes result either from the use of different raw materials, the fashioning of the product from same raw material, or change may be both in raw materials and finished product.

Examples of use of different raw materials are: plastic instead of textile place mats, textiles that require little or no ironing, Swiss chard instead of spinach (large leaves require less handling), frozen instead of fresh vegetables. Examples of a different end product from the same raw materials: sheets left unironed, square instead of round biscuit, etc.

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