Class 4: Change In Finished Product

Lesson 48 : Mundal's Classes Of Change

Class 4: Change In Finished Product

The worker might have to change some of her standards or expectations about how the finished product should be in appearance, taste, shape, size etc. For example everyone likes well pressed clothes to wear. When clothes are ironed at home by the homemaker, she can decide how it will be done. She should decide whether,

  1. Does she want all clothes to be well pressed without a single wrinkle?
  2. Whether kitchen towels should be ironed every day?
  3. In food preparation, whether the salad will be arranged on the platter in an attractive way at every meal or whether it can be served in a tossed form?
  4. Should the cake be iced with intri­cate fancy design or it can be served with simple icing or with­out icingetc.

If the finished product without any fancy decoration is accepted by the family then it makes the task simplified.

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