Class 2: Change In Equipment and Work Arrangement

Lesson 48 : Mundal's Classes Of Change

Class 2: Change In Equipment And Work Arrangement

Change in equipment may be sometimes expensive. Clothes or dish washing can be replaced by machine washing. These equipments may not suit every pocket. But changing in simple tools such as using rotary egg beater than a fork for beating eggs, using vegetable peeler, using mechanical gadgets such as mixer for grinding, using pressure cooker for cooking, help in saving time as well as hand motions.

When the worker performs an activity, it is not only her skill in work that helps to simplify the work but along with it, the working conditions are also very important. Proper work surfaces in terms of work heights, depth and width of work surĀ­face, proper tools, and adequate storage 'space, lighting, are aids for improving worker efficiency.

Example of this class of change are: basic rearrangement of large kitchen equipment, new cup-boards, a working surface of the right height, organizing storage space, an electric mixer, and a tray to carry dishes.

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