Apparel Industry Management 3(3+0)

Lesson 1 : Management


Oliver Sheldon defined ‘Organisation’ as ‘the process of combining the work which individuals and groups have to perform with the faculties necessary for its execution the duties so formed provide the best channels for efficient, systematic, positive and co-ordinated application of the available effort.” C.H.Northcott has applied the term organization to “arrangements by which tasks are assigned to men and women so that their individual efforts contribute effectively to some more or less clearly defined purpose for which they have been brought together.” According to the Advisory Committee on Management of the International Labour Office (1937), it means “the complex of activities the object of which is to achieve the optimum co-ordination of the functions of any undertaking or any administration or other service, public or private.”

In conclusion, it may be observed that ‘Administration’ and ‘Management’ are the driving force of ‘Business’, which with the aid of ‘Organisation’ try to achieve the goal of greater, better and cheaper production.

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