The Terms ‘Management’ and ‘Organisation’ May be Differentiated as Below

Apparel Industry Management 3(3+0)

Lesson 1 : Management

The Terms ‘Management’ and ‘Organisation’ May be Differentiated as Below

1. Management is an executive function which is primarily concerned with the getting things done with others.

2. Planning, organization, staffing, motivation, direction, co-ordination and control are all functions of Management.

3. Management functions are executed by bringing into being an organization

4. It is like the entire body of a human being.

5. There are different levels in management viz., top management, middle management etc.

6. Management uses the organization determined by administration.

Organization is organic function of putting together the different parts of an enterprise into working order.

Organization is one of the important functions of Management.

Organization is the framework or edifice of Management.

It is like the nervous system of a human body

There is no such level in Organisation

Organisation is the machine of Management in its achievement of the ends determined by administration.

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