Manures and fertilizers



  • The excreta of animals viz., dung and urine with straw or other materials used as absorbent are called manures. The decomposed manure is called farm yard manure (FYM). The average composition of a well rotten FYM is
    • N: 0.5%,
    • P2 O5: 0.3% and
    • K2O: 0.5%.


  • Any natural or manufactured material dry or liquid, added to the soil in order to supply one or more plant nutrients. Fertilizers are of five types:
    • Nitrogenous fertilizers
    • Complex fertllizers
    • Phosphatic fertilizers
    • Fertilizer mixtures
    • Potassic fertilizers

Bulky Organic Manures (BOM)

  • Manures which are of larger in quantity but supplyling plant nutrients in smaller quantities and organic matter in larger quantities.


A mass of rotted organic matter made from waste. Compost is of two types. viz., Farm compost and Town compost.

  • Farm Compost: Compost made from wastes collected from the fields like rice straw, sugarcane trash, weeds etc.
  • Town Compost: Compost made from town refuse like night soil,  sweepings and dustbin refuses, etc.
  • Vermicompost: Organic wastes decomposed using earthworms are called vermicompost.

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