Fodder bajra

(Pennisetum glacum / Pennisetum americanum)

Bajra - Field view

Fodder cumbu (Co 8) or bajra:

  • Season
    • Throughout the year as an irrigated crop. During kharif and Rabi seasons as rainfed crop.
  • Soil:
    • All types of soils with good drainage.
  • Preparatory cultivation
    • Plough 2 to 3 times to obtain a good tilth and form beds of convenient size.
  • Seed treatment
    • Removal of ergot affected seeds and sclerotia if any by soaking in salt solution (2.5 kg of common salt in 12.5 litres of water).
    • Seed treatment with fungicides 24 hours prior to sowing.
  • Seed inoculation - Nil
  • Manuring
    • Basal application: FYM: 25 t/ha; NPK: 25 : 20 : 12 kg/ha
    • Top dressing : 25 kg N/ha on 30 DAS
    • Application of Azospirillum and Phosphobacterium together as a mixture along with 75% recommended dose of N and P enhanced the yield besides saving of 25% of fertilizer
  • Seed Rate: 10 Kg /ha.
  • Spacing: 25 x10 cm.
  • After Cultivation
    • First hoeing and weeding on the 30th day after sowing.
  • Irrigation: Once in 10 days
  • Plant Protection: Generally not needed.
  • Harvest Harvest at boot leaf stage 40-45 days after sowing.
  • Storage fed to cattle as green fodder or ensilaged.

Yield 30 t/ha of green fodder

  • Co 8 fodder cumbu can be intercropped with Co 5 cowpea that can be harvested together to provide a nutritious fodder to cattle.

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