Four stages

  • Dyspnoea - accumulation of CO2 in blood affect respiratory centre – Rapid & shallow respiration, rapid pulse and cyanosis.
  • Convulsions- clonic convulsion then tonic, ophisthotonus spasm, pupil dilated, heart rate slows.
  • Apnoea – unconsciousness.
  • Final stage - respiratory paralysis heart may beat.

PM appearance

  • Protruded tongue.
  • Frothy blood stained fluid in nostrils.
  • Congested conjuctiva.
  • Laryngeal and tracheal mucosa congested.
  • Lungs engorged and oedematous (frothy, dark, coloured blood, exudates).
  • Petechial haemorhage of pleura, pericardium, myocardium, endocardium and sometime of brain.
  • Cavities of right side heart are engorged with dark coloured, imperfectly clotted blood.
  • Left heart are comparatively empty.
  • Congestion of abdominal viscera.
  • Congested brain and excess serous fluid in the lateral ventricles.
  • Cranial sinuses filled with dark – coloured blood.
  • Blood dark in colour mostly fluid in the large veins.
  • Microscopically lung tissue shows marked dilatation of both the capillaries and veins.
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