Examination of blood stains


Important in veterolegal cases

  • Blood stains present or not / which species of animal the blood belongs. E.g. Mammals, birds, fish or reptiles.
  • Done by chemical examiner.
  • Exact location of stains to be noted
  • Stains form person and animals are best removed with a piece of filter paper soaked in NS and allowed to contact and remove and dry it.
  • Garments and weapons allowed to dry and wrapped and packed with out unnecessary handling.
  • Liquid stains are taken in test tubes with the help of dropper. Test tube placed in Ice box.
  • Blood soaked soil sent in glass container walls and flours – digging and sent in a container.
  • Stain can be scrapped up by knife.
    • Physical
    • Chemical
    • Microscopical
    • Spectroscopic
    • Serological
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