Menus for Industrial Canteens

Lesson 04 : Menus for Different Institutions

Menus for Industrial Canteens

The concept of catering to employees was initiated in the early 19th century to provide meal service facilities to the labour working in places located far away from their homes.
Robert Owen – is regarded as the father of industrial catering.
Several industrial units have continued this service as an indispensible part of their operations, either under plant management or on a concessional basis. Food is supplied either free of cost or below cost (subsidized) to their employees – saving to the employees, contributes to the health, efficiency and the satisfaction of employees.
Menu planning must follow the principles of planning for other cafeteria – consideration for:

  • Specific requirement of the establishment
  • Food combinations

Cycle or rotating menus – valuable in reducing the time spent in planning successfully keeping in mind equitable distribution of labour and food. 4 menus (one cycle) suitable for 5 days repeated 3 or 4 times and then a new cycle is begun. Season of the year, should be taken into account. Food managers trained in mass production management and cost control.

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