Menus for Homes for Children and Extended Care Facilities

Lesson 04 : Menus for Different Institutions

Menus for Homes for Children and Extended Care Facilities

These include hostels, orphanages, homes for aged, handicapped etc.
All three meals are eaten in the same place everyday throughout the year hence nutritional needs of the individuals being served must be met.
Meal cost must be kept in mind to meet the budgetary allowances. Careful thought must be given to menu planning to incorporate.

  • Variety and interest into the menu
  • Prevent low cost foods commonly used from falling into a monotonous pattern

Children need to be served foods which are familiar and in an atmosphere which is pleasant.

  • Same food can be served to children of all ages, but size of serving / portion acceptable to a child varies with age.
  • Individual differences in activity, sex, body build and other physical and temperamental characteristics should be kept in mind.
  • Older adults have fixed habits and food preferences
  • Basic menu planning pattern should be followed – some individual problems should be taken care of
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