LESSON 10. Force Method: Beams on Elastic Support

In many application, beams are required to be supported on a continous foundation. One such example is railway sleeper as shwon in Figure 10.1. If the reaction force offered by such continuous support is a function of the transverse deflection of the beam, the support is called elastic support. In this lesson we will learn analysis procedure of beam resting on elastic support.

Module 2 Lesson 10 Fig.10.1

Fig. 10.1.

10.1 Formulation of Governing Equation

Consider a beam, resting on an elastic support, is subjected to any arbitrary load as shwon in Figure 10.2a. Support reaction which is a function of the transverse displacement is shwon in Figure 10.2b

Module 2 Lesson 10 Fig.10.2

Fig. 10.2.

The reaction offered by the support is a linear funciton of displacement and may be written as,

\[w(x) = ky(x)\]

where, the constant k is the stiffness of the elastic foundation. Therefore at any location x, the net intensity of load is \[q(x) - ky(x)\] . Consequently the equation of elastic line, derived in lesson 3 (Equation 3.11) becomes,

\[{{{d^2}} \over {d{x^2}}}\left( {EI{{{d^2}y} \over {d{x^2}}}} \right) = q(x) - ky(x)\]                                 (10.1)

For a beam with uniform cross-section and material property, taking EI out from the defferential operator, equation (10.1) becomes,

\[{{{d^4}y} \over {d{x^4}}} + 4{\beta ^4}y = q\] ,                                                                                                 (10.2)

Where,  \[{\beta ^4} = {k \over {4EI}}\]

The above equation is the differential equation for beam on elastic support.

In absence of any external load, the homogeneous form may be written as,

\[{{{d^4}y} \over {d{x^4}}} + 4{\beta ^4}y = 0\]                                                                                                    (10.3)

The general solution of above homogeneous differential equation is,

\[y(x) = {e^{\beta x}}\left( {{C_1}\sin \beta x + {C_2}\cos \beta x} \right) + {e^{ - \beta x}}\left( {{C_3}\sin \beta x + {C_4}\cos \beta x} \right)\]

10.1 Semi-infinite beam with concentrated load

Module 2 Lesson 10 Fig.10.3


The general solution of above homogeneous differential equation is,

\[y(x) = {e^{\beta x}}\left( {{C_1}\sin \beta x + {C_2}\cos \beta x} \right) + {e^{ - \beta x}}\left( {{C_3}\sin \beta x + {C_4}\cos \beta x} \right)\]

Now, for \[x \to \infty\] , y = 0 \[\Rightarrow {e^{\beta x}}\left( {{C_1}\sin \beta x + {C_2}\cos \beta x} \right) = 0\]

\[y(x) = {e^{ - \beta x}}\left( {{C_3}\sin \beta x + {C_4}\cos \beta x} \right)\]

Boundary conditions,

\[M(x = 0) = {M_0}\] and  \[V(x = 0) =-{P_0}\]

From lesson 3, we have other forms of equations of elastic line as,

\[{{{d^2}y} \over {d{x^2}}} =-{M \over {EI}}\] and \[{{{d^3}y} \over {d{x^3}}}=-{V \over {EI}}\]

Combining the above equations with the boundary conditions, we have,

\[{\left. {{{{d^2}y} \over {d{x^2}}}} \right|_{x = 0}} =-{{{M_0}} \over {EI}}\]  and   \[{\left. {{{{d^3}y} \over {d{x^3}}}} \right|_{x = 0}} = {{{P_0}} \over {EI}}\]

\[{{{d^2}y} \over {d{x^2}}} =-2{\beta ^2}{C_3}{e^{ - \beta x}}\cos \beta x + 2{\beta ^2}{C_4}{e^{ - \beta x}}\sin \beta x\]

\[{{{d^3}y} \over {d{x^3}}} = 2{\beta ^3}{C_3}{e^{ - \beta x}}\cos \beta x - 2{\beta ^3}{C_4}{e^{ - \beta x}}\sin \beta x + 2{\beta ^3}{C_3}{e^{ - \beta x}}\sin \beta x + 2{\beta ^3}{C_4}{e^{ - \beta x}}\cos \beta x\]

\[{\left. {{{{d^2}y} \over {d{x^2}}}} \right|_{x = 0}} =-2{\beta ^2}{C_3} =-{{{M_0}} \over {EI}} \Rightarrow {C_3} = {{{M_0}} \over {2EI{\beta ^2}}}\]

\[{\left. {{{{d^3}y} \over {d{x^3}}}} \right|_{x = 0}} = 2{\beta ^3}{C_3} + 2{\beta ^3}{C_4} = {{{P_0}} \over {EI}} \Rightarrow {C_4} = {{{P_0}} \over {2EI{\beta ^3}}} - {{{M_0}} \over {2EI{\beta ^2}}}\]

Final solution

\[y(x) = {{{e^{ - \beta x}}} \over {2EI{\beta ^2}}}\left[ {{M_0}\left( {\sin \beta x - \cos \beta x} \right) + {{{P_0}} \over {2EI{\beta ^3}}}\cos \beta x} \right]\]

\[M(x) =-EI{{{d^2}y} \over {d{x^2}}}\] ; \[V(x) =-EI{{{d^3}y} \over {d{x^3}}}\]


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