Wide-Angle Lenses

Instructional Video Production 4(1+3)

Lesson 05: Camera Features and Effects

Wide-Angle Lenses

The wide-angle (or zoomed-out position) lens, see Fig. 2.5(a), can show a large" field of view. If we want to have a large number of people in a shot, we need the wide-angle shot to get them all in. The lens, however, needs to be used with care, as it can make objects and people appear larger than normal. Faces get distorted and grotesque if moved too close to the camera.

Broadening of scope apart, wide-angle lens tracks movements well. Its great depth of field keeps people and objects from going out of focus-the camera can simply zoom out and recapture its subject.

The wide-angle lens can also create the illusion of speed and is most suitable for high-action shots such as speeding cars.

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