Lesson 09:Indoor Scaping


Indoor scaping or Indoor gardening is the art of growing and arranging plants in the indoor of a house for interior aesthetification. Indoor cultivation of ornamental plants became popular as the pressure on land has gone up in cities and towns. To add beauty to a house and to get immense pleasure and fun, a city- dweller can grow a wide range of flowering and foliage plants in every corner of the house.

  • The Scandinavians and the Americans are the pioneers in indoor gardening.
  • In the ancient civilization of Egypt, India and Rome, it was common to bring pot grown plants for indoor decoration.
  • Evidences of stone vessels, hanging baskets have been found from Babylonian Period, China, Greek and Italy in 15 th century.
  • People in Europe started keeping conservatories in homes since 16 th century.
  • In Europe particularly in Britain during 17- 19 th century growing exoti house plants for interior decoration was a common practice.
  • In 18 th century about 5000 exotic plant species were introduced to Europe from tropical areas.
  • Jews introduced number of indoor ornamental plants in 19 th century.
  • Aspidistra was the pioneer indoor house plants

The cultivation of shade loving foliage plants has been popular because of their exceptional value in decorating indoors and also for their attractive colour and delicate gracefulness of the leaves. They possess great antique value as well as exquisite beauty quite distinct from those of other plants. In modern homes these plants have become a necessary part for indoor decoration and for permanent overall effect.

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