Styles of Bonsai


Lesson 09:Indoor Scaping

Styles of Bonsai

The common styles of bonsai are

  1. Formal upright,
  2. Informal upright,
  3. Slanting,
  4. Semi-cascade,
  5. Wind-swept,
  6. Cascade
  7. Broom,
  8. Root-over,
  9. Clinging to rock,
  10. Group planting of more than one style.

  • The tree in the ‘formal upright’ style has straight tapering trunk.
  • In the informal ‘upright’ the trunk is not straight and the top is bent slightly to the front.
  • In the ‘slanting style’ the trunk of the tree is slanting and the lowest branch spreads in the opposite direction of the slant with the top slightly bent forward.
  • The tree trunk in the ‘semi-cascade’ style grows upwards for a short distance and then falls over the side of the pot or container but above its bottom.
  • The ‘cascade style’ is almost similar to ‘semi-cascade’ except that in this case the tree trunk reaches below the level of the pot.
  • When all the branches of the tree grow from one side only, as if these were swept by wind, the style is known as ‘wind-swept’.
  • In the broom style all the branches grow almost from the same place.
  • The tree is planted on a rock with the roots extending down into the soil or roots are attached or clasped to the rock in the ‘root-over-rock’ and ‘clinging-to-a-rock’ styles.

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