Window Boxes


Lesson 09:Indoor Scaping

Window Boxes

  • Indoor plants can be grown in window boxes.
  • Modern homes and apartments can have in built indoor – boxes in which foliage and flowering plants can be grown
  • These boxes are permanent structures constructed as projections outside the windows.
  • These boxes made of wood and fixed outside the window, with suitable plants provide a splash of colour to be enjoyed from inside as well as from outside the window.

Potted plants in Window Boxes

  • A better practice is to place potted' plants inside the window box than to plant directly in it.
  • The advantage in this method is that the plants can be placed or removed according to the need and also help to overcome the difficult task of changing the soil in the box when it becomes sick.
  • The flowering plants should be grown in pot outside and placed in the window-box only when they are in bloom or have attained sufficient size.
  • ln such an arrangement the plants which are not found to thrive or have finished flowering, or have been old and lanky can be replaced with some other suitable subjects easily.
  • It is thus always possible to have a colorful display of flowers and foliage and to alter the plant arrangements frequently to break the monotony of any particular type of display.
  • The box should have proper depths so that the pots placed inside are not visible from outside.
  • Besides the plant height, colour and size of foliage, flower colour Planters and size and the time of forbearing, the whether sunny or shaded is equally important in choosing the plants.

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