Modes of indoor gardening


Lesson 09:Indoor Scaping

Modes of indoor gardening

Indoor gardening is art of growing house plants or indoor plants inside a house. The simplest method is to grow individual plants in pots and keeping them in appropriate places in the house. Other popular methods of growing indoor plants are, Hanging baskets, China baskets, Trough made of concrete, wood, cane etc., Bowls and dishes, Bottle gardening, Miniature gardens, Window gardens and Vertical gardens.

  • Trollies fixed with flexible wheels meant for serving tea and snacks are quite suitable for growing indoor plants.
  • Trays of different make and size can be used for growing indoor plants.
  • Growing of house plants in China baskets made of cane or even plastic gives an artistic and elegant touch to the d├ęcor of the room.
  • Trough made of cane standing on its own legs are very artistic and pleasing for growing plants indoor.
  • Putting plants in various shaped plant stands also improve the look.
  • Plants grown in bowls or metal hanging baskets can be fixed on the walls by using brackets which will bring a relief to an otherwise empty expanse of wall.
  • A live screen can be created in a window by growing light indoor creepers such as Hedera helix, Scindapus aureus, Money plant and others.
  • The dining space in a drawing or living room can be separated by growing a screen of creeper.

  1. Window Boxes
  2. Planters for indoor plants
  3. Trough Gardening
  4. Bowls and dishes
  5. Tray garden
  6. Jar garden
  7. Bottle garden
  8. Terrarium
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