Importance of indoor gardening


Lesson 09:Indoor Scaping

Importance of indoor gardening

Indoor plants need not necessarily be confined to the living room alone. Bed room, kitchen, staircases, patios and other locations can be decorated with suitable plants. House plants are not restricted to residential houses only. There is a tremendous scope in the use of these plants in beautifying offices, hotels, hospitals and almost all public buildings. In the modern concept and practice of indoor gardening, the scope of growing plants has been extended to many areas in and around the house including balcony, verandah, terraces, patios. Almost all types of plants are being used as indoor plants depending on the environment, particularly light and temperature.

  • Indoor gardening is never out of seasons.
  • The pleasure and thrill of growing indoor plants are immense.
  • Indoor gardening brings an intimate and natural association of the man and the plants and enlivens the indoor environment.
  • It is a matter of joy to many especially those living in cities where they don’t have enough space for garden and gardening. For them a well maintained single ornamental plant itself makes a garden.
  • Indoor plants are now commercially used inside the homes, offices, shops, banks, hotels, restaurants, clubs, hospitals, universities, colleges and schools.
  • Indoor plants form an integral part of decoration in a home or any building.
  • They add charm to the architectural beauty of the house and compliment the interior setting.

Modern architectural design of the homes having larger windows, central heating and built in ‘Planters’ and well lighted rooms on the one hand and lack of space for gardening for field growing in congested dwelling houses on the other has made indoor gardening a popular , useful and absorbing hobby.

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