Lesson 16.

2. Helical Gear

Just like spur gears, helical gears are also used connect parallel shafts to transmit power. In helical gears teeth are cut at an angle which results in quiet and smooth running operation by providing more contact area at the time of teeth engagement.

L 16 fig.1

Fig.4.3 Helical gear

The applications of helical gears are in automobile transmission, machine tools, and compressors.

3. Herringbone gears:

Since Herringbone gears look like two helical gears joined together, so they may be referred as "double helical gears.  Herringbone gears generally find applications in heavy duty vehicles.

L 16 fig.2

Fig.4.4 Herringbone gears (or double-helical gears)

4. Rack and pinion

A rack is a straight gear that meshes with smaller gear (pinion) to convert rotary power and motion in a linear movement or vice-versa.

L 16 fig.3

Fig.4.5 Rack and pinion


The following are the main types of gears connecting intersecting shafts.  

1. Bevel Gear

Bevel gears find applications which generally require power transmission at right angles. The teeth on such gears may be straight, spiral or hypoid. The bevel gear has many applications such as differential of automobiles, printing machines, and processing plants.

L 16 fig.4

Fig.4.6 Bevel gears

L 16 fig.5

Fig.4.7 Hypoid gear

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