Allied Health Measures By Municipalities

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Lesson 44 : Municipal Health Services

Allied Health Measures By Municipalities

Provision as to Dogs

  • Dogs shall be, by public notice, muzzled in such a way to allow the dogs free, while effectively preventing it from biting.
  • Take possession of dog found wandering, detain it for 3 days. If it is not claimed, it can sold or destroyed.
  • Licensing of dogs. Such licensed dogs are not destroyed.
  • All municipality expense of dog shall be borne by owner of the dog. However, the damage is not payable by the owner.

Provisions as to keeping of pigs

  • Pigs can not be kept without permission of the municipality.
  • If kept without permission, they should not be cause of nuisance or annoyance. If they cause annoyance, then the owner is fined Rs. 50
  • Pigs found straying may be forthwith destroyed and carcass be disposed off.

Regulation of markets and sale of goods

  • Municipality has to license market, sale of goods etc.
  • Use of markets without license is punishable with fine Rs. 25
  • Markets can be closed and sale forbidden under health emergencies. Deviants are punishable by fine up to Rs. 5
  • Unauthorized stalls can be vacated
  • Lease of place for up to one year can be done by the municipality.

Inspection of food and drink

  • Inspection of food, drink and animal food
  • Destroy, dispose of food drink and animal food not found to be satisfactory.
  • Municipality has power to dispose off perishable foods.
  • Food, drink and animal food can be inspected for food adulteration. If found guilty, the same can be seized and the guilty person(s) can be punished.
  • Municipality can also send summons for the person found guilty of adulteration.
  • Municipality also monitors food hygiene.

Investigation of epidemics

  • What is epidemic?
    • When number of cases occurring exceeds normal expectations during a specific duration of time

  • Who will investigate?
    • District health authorities like
      • District Health and Family Welfare Officer
      • District Health Officer
      • District Magistrate/ Deputy Commissioner.

  • How it helps?
    • It helps to learn about the disease spread and control.
    • It helps to prevent further deaths and suffering in people.
    • It gives idea of the source of infection.

  • Usually by the time investigation is over, epidemic would have come to peak or started declining. Therefore, many steps need to be carried out simultaneously.
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