Selection of seams for various garments

Lesson 8 : Seams

Selection of seams for various garments

The type of seam to be used on a garment will depend on various factors. They are:

  1. Texture and durability of the fabric: When working with a heavy fabric, one should avoid bulky seams like French seam. Delicate fabrics like georgette and chiffon can be finished with French seams.

  2. Design and use of the garment: When making a boy’s sports shirt, a strong seam like flat fell seam should be used.

  3. Shape of the seam: Seams may be straight or curved. Straight seams may be in vertical, horizontal or slanting direction on the dress. When joining curved edges, plain seam will give a better finish than French seam.

  4. Location of the seam in the garment: Seams in areas of the garment which may get stretched during body movement will have to be made more durable than others. A French seam is ideal for making the side seams but not for attaching a sleeve to the armhole.

  5. Current fashion: The trend that is present at that time of the season has to be considered while selecting the seams

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