Factors Of Motivation

Lesson 10 : Motivations For Management

Factors Of Motivation

The motivating factors behind the decision making processes for the individual or a family are the values they hold, the goals they plan to achieve and standards they use for measuring the achievements. For all these, the influence of all three environments surrounding the family is significant. The significance of values, goals and standards in the family system are depicted in the following figure, which depicts the conceptual framework of management by families.

The values are placed in the psycho-social subsystem because values are not the concerns of management of resources and the internalization of values belong to the psychosocial behavior of the individuals in the family. The values are the prime motivating forces behind all managerial activities. Goals are closely related motivational forces within the family and forces influencing the family subsystem from the surrounding environments.

To both values and standards in initiating management goals stem from values and are the bridge between the psycho-social and managerial subsystems. Standards are the specifications of values which can be measured through the achievement of each goal the family has strived at. Values are the general reasons why people manage and they are less visible than goals and standards. Goals are the one’s which people/family attempt to accomplish standards are the measure of quality, quantity and the method of attainment of goals.

Let us discuss values, goals and standards individually in detail in future chapters.

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