Interrelatedness Of Values, Goals And Standards

Lesson 16 : Factors Influencing Standards And Interrelatedness Of Values, Goals And Standards

Interrelatedness Of Values, Goals And Standards

We can say that goals are set on the basis of different value (patterns) of individual or family members. In given culture people tend to hold similar basic values that become criteria in decisions. At the same time goals also have relationship to standards. Because from the family held values only standards too develop. They have influence on each other.

If a home- maker gives value to ‘cleanliness’ in the home, she would arrange each item in a prim and proper way by dusting and cleaning everyday their by attaining high standards of cleanliness. That is she had decided to keep the house attractively.

If you value efficiency, one of your goals would be to have a well layed out kitchen based on the functional standards based on research on space requirements, equipment and layout. The same way, if you value health, your goals would be nutritive food and physical exercise which are again dictated by scientific standards of nutritional requirements :-quantitative and qualitative, as well as the set standards of exercise according to the prescription by medical practitioners appropriate to age and sex specifications.

Each of these separately and collectively are sources of input upon deci­sion making and the management process. As you make decisions in order to maximize resource utilization, values, goals, and standards become valuable input sources. These same concepts are a vital part of the management process.

Values, goals, and standards because of their close interrelationship also tend to act as a check and balance system upon each other. In setting your goals you are' indirectly examining, reinforcing, and/or strengthening your values. At the same time you are assessing the validity of the standards you have established.

Values, goals, and standards are separate concepts. Yet they are so closely linked that one cannot exist without the other. Each in its own way has been a source of input upon you. Separately and collectively their input has enabled you to become a unique person. Throughout your life their input will motivate, guide, and direct your management.

The following charts Illustrates the examples of some possible combinations of Values, Goals and Standards in a family as given by Nickell et, al, 1976.

Values that influence behavior: why? Goals that demonstrate the value: What? Standard that measure goal attainment: How well? How much? How?
Ambition To advance professionally -learning from others on the job
-advancing within the company in the next two years
-earnings Rs._______by age 40
- local recognition of my capabilities
- professional reading

To become an active community member -serving on the local museum board
-membership in the church choir
-voting at all state and federal elections after gaining sufficient information to make a decision
- feeling that I’ve made the community a little more pleasant to live in
Health to lose or gain weight -losing (or gaining) 10 lbs by _______________date
-joining a community- sponsored exercise club
-eating three , small but nutritious meals a day
- snacking on low calorie food
- getting 6 hours of sleep a night

To keep my living unit clean -picking up clutter at the end of each day
-keeping the kitchen and bathroom spotless
-reducing problems with allergies to dust
-exercising while cleaning
Love To retain close family ties -frequent telephone or written contact with relatives outside the community
-comfortable family communication
-vacationing with extended family every two years

To participate in community affairs -see achievement- or
-participating in town meetings
- attending city government issues are being decided
- registering to vote
-taking people without transportation to the polling to the place
-active party membership
Play or leisure Improve skill in a favorite sport ( swimming, skiing or basketball) -taking lessons from a professional
-frequent practice
-feeling comfortable with my form
- daily practice
- taking a reading course and improving reading speed by 200 words per minute
- learning more from the reading

To graduate from college -by _________________
(subject matter)
(grade point average)
-keeping current in home work
--participating in professional student organizations

To learn more about my job -participate in on-the-job training
- learn from other employees
- feel more confident with the work I do
-ask questions when I don’t understand an assignment

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