Lesson 22 : Decision Making


Everyone makes decisions every day. Some decisions are easier to make than others. Some can be made easily and quickly; others take a great deal of thought and time. If you are like most people, you have some decisions you are very proud you made. At the same time, there are others that you wish you had the opportunity to change. This is particularly true in cases where you have more knowledge now than when the original decision was made.

Some of the decisions that you make will have a long lasting effect upon your life. Others will not. But what is decision making? Why is the study of decision making important? What factors affect decision making? Are there different kinds of categories of decisions? We find answer to these questions in these lessons.

Decision making is the action taken in selecting from various causes of action. Decision making is inseparable in any phase of management and the quality of decisions determines the quality of the management Decision making is an important aspect of daily living and is essential at every step in the life. Decision making is crucial in the management process. Management decisions are purposeful decision involving any of a broad spectrum of resources. Knowledge of essential information application of the knowledge in the required situation one needs to be aware of what is involved in decision making, who makes the decision, where and when decisions are made and how decision making affects the daily life.

Some decision are made routinely, some are done during certain times of life span, which may have direct effect on the life like education, marriage, etc. Such decisions cannot be reversed. Thus there are various types of decisions, some are essential and some are non-consequential. The decision making is used to achieve the goals, to assess the standards and as an aid in attaining the required quality of life.

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