Importance Of Organizing

Lesson 27 : The Management Process In Family Living-Organizing

Importance Of Organizing

Similar to planning, the homemaker should also understand why she must organize.

  • It Increases Management Efficiency: Organisation increases the efficiency by avoiding delays and duplications. One task is assigned to only one person and every task is delegated so that no activity is left undone. This ensures efficiency in achieving family goals.

  • Optimum Use of Human Efforts: Organising utilises the principle of specialisation. The tasks are assigned to the person who is the most capable of doing it. As we have discussed earlier that the housewife might allocate the responsibility of purchasing furniture to the husband who would be a better buyer for it while doing purchase of clothing herself as she can do it better than her husband, thus, making the best use of.human effort.

  • Laying Proportionate and Balanced Emphasis on Various Activities: Organising ensures that due emphasis is given to each activity. Over emphasis on one activity.

    While ignoring or forgetting others should be avoided. For example, while organising, she may delegate the responsibility of dusting the house to the children, but she also has to ensure that they get enough time to study or can rather give some of her time to them to help them in their studies. Thus, she would be balancing between all the activities.

  • Facilitates Coordination: Organisation helps in coordination of efforts of allĀ· the members of the family. It also ensures the smooth flow of information and good communication among all the family members.

  • Provides Scope for Training and Development of Family Members: Organisation has human focus rather than the work focus. People are given more importance than the actual work. Therefore, emphasis is on the development of skills, attitudes, capacities and creativity of the family members.

  • Helps to Consolidate Growth and Expenditure: Organisation while regulating the expenditure of family income provides for the development of all the family members. Therefore, while achieving family goals, the whole family grows together as a unit.

  • Prevent Growth of Laggards, Wirepullers, Corrupters: Organisation ensures that each member gives his or he contribution in the achievement of family goals, according to one's age and ability.
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