Boredom Fatigue

Lesson 41 : Fatigue-Forms And Causes
Forms Of Fatigue

Boredom Fatigue:

This results from the non-coincidence of experiencing two durations of time, that of work being slow and irksome, and that of the mind which longs to be else where. We experience the activity as continuing without change where as the mind is ready and eager for change. Studies have shown that the bored , time at work was judged longer than to those not bored. Those workers who were most frequently bored made the greatest number of complaints concerning working conditions. It appears probable that boredom increases sensitivity to objectionable features connected with work; such as noise, atmospheric conditions, troublesome materials, etc. Nelson and Bartley found the most boring period to be last hour of both morning and afternoon work periods. In boredom fatigue time seems to pass very slowly.

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