Frustration Fatigue

Lesson 41 : Fatigue-Forms And Causes
Forms Of Fatigue

Frustration Fatigue:

Besides boredom fatigue another type of psychological fatigue is the frustration fatigue. This may be regarded as an experimental pattern arising in a conflict situation in which the general alignment of the individual may be described as an aversion. This particular pattern involves feelings of limpness, bodily discomfort, and general tension which are undesirable as well as result in inadequacy for activity.

These feelings of discomfort and aversion to work should not be considered as symptoms of fatigue but they are the fatigue itself.

When plans fail to work out and goals cannot be reached or when conflict situations arise which call for the weighing of alternatives in the making of decisions, and the seeking of new goals, a person may experience feelings of frustration and increased tensions. Fatigue which results from such conflicts is a part of the total picture of frustration. Therefore, this kind of a fatigue is termed as frustration fatigue.

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