Assessing of timings of death


  • Colour changes:
    • After 6 -12 hrs in summer.
    • 1.3 days in winter.
    • Green colour seen on the skin on iliac region face, front of neck and spreads all over abdomen by 12-18 hrs.
  • Softening of parenchyma tissue:
    • Liquefaction of eye ball 6 -12 hrs
  • Foul smell: 24 -48 hrs after death.
  • Formation of blisters: 36-72 hrs.
  • Softening of soft parts: 3-5 days.
  • Appearance of maggots: 3-6 days.
  • Time lapsed between death and PM
    • Loosening of the epithelium in omasum within few hour after death.
    • At death, the heart is in diastole i.e., left ventricle almost empty and right ventricle about half full with in first hour of death.
  • Cornea of eye – initially glistening, pupils dilated. Later opaque films of dried secretions and pupil constricted.
  • Little blood tinged frothy exudates from nostrils shortly after death.
  • Warm body – shortly after death.
  • Cold and stiff – long period has elapsed since death a some time.
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