Lightning Stroke


  • Accidental deaths of animals may occur due to a lightning stroke and Electrocation

Lightning Stroke

  • Common causes of lightning stroke are
    • Flashes of lightning during thunderstorms may prove fatal to animals
    • Big trees usually have well-developed root systems. During a thunderstorm, if the ground is damp, then electrification of the root system charges a wide surface area. Merely standing on electrified earth electrocutes animals.
  • In Lightning stroke, if animals die following points should be taken for consideration
    • History of thunderstorm in the locality.
    • Evidence of the effects of lightning (eg) Damage to houses or trees.
    • Often, a lightning stroke will affect several animals in a herd.

Signs of Lightening

  • Half-chewed food in the mouth is a significant finding in the case of a lightning stroke.
  • Singeing and burning marks occur in about 90 per cent of cases of lightning. Mostly on the medial sides of the limbs but the hairs have a brownish discolouration and abnormal kinking.
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