Instructional Video Production 4(1+3)

Lesson 10: Video Production Process and Studio Procedures


Teleprompter is a device on which the text information to be read out by the performers appears on a two-way mirror screen in front of the camera lens they are looking at. This makes the performers appear as if they are looking at the camera and speaking, while actually they are looking at the text screen and reading.


The conventional studio lighting instruments are of various kinds – fresnels, scoops and diffusers. The instruments may hold halogen, HMI or cool lights.


Most studios used to have halogen bulbs that used to generate a good deal of heat and create hard dark shadows. Devices like scrims and cutters were needed to cut the intensity of the light and diffusers were required to give fill-light to lighten hard shadows.


The practice with fresnels holding halogen bulbs was to do three-point lighting – key light, back light and fill light. The fresnel lights are versatile, in that they allow the light to be spot or flood depending on the requirement.
Most contemporary studios, however, have cool lights which do not generate much heat or hard light and dark shadows. Cool lights provide soft light that gives even lighting without producing unmanageable shadows.

Lighting controls
Professional studios with a full fledged lighting grid, and possibility for multiple set areas, will have a lighting control unit. This can be programmed to turn on/turn off/ dim the lights at the appropriate time and appropriate set in the course of a production schedule. This allows for setting up the lights on different sets and changing over to another set without much loss of transition time. Lighting is a creative art (apart from being a technology). It requires a lot of time to achieve good lighting effects.



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