Instructional Video Production 4(1+3)

Lesson 10: Video Production Process and Studio Procedures


The studio is the centre of all live programming activity like the news and current affairs programmes. Some times other programmes are also done in the studio.

Most standard studios have a studio floor and a production control room (PCR). The studio floor is where all the news, acting, presentations happen. The director, assistant director, technical director, CG operator, audio console operator, VTR operator, etc., all sit in the control room and control the production activity.
Beyond that, depending on the scale of operations of the institution, additional spaces will be there for editing suites, equipment storage rooms, engineering servicing rooms, transmission hubs, power/back-up generator systems etc. will also be there. The technology that we are mainly interested in is the studio equipment – cameras, microphones, recording equipment, tele-prompters, lights, lighting controls, computer graphics generators, vision mixers and audio mixers. Now let us look at each of these.


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